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Bovins Video Production has been filming events such as Weddings, Bar/Bat-mitzvahs, and Sweet 16 parties. Maximillian Bovin, the owner of Bovin Video Production has a deep knowledge of film making and has been honing his skills as a filmmaker since the age of 12.


Since then he's attended the Jacob Burns Film Institute in Pleasantville, New York where he studied video production for two years. At the age of 18, Max attended the Long Island University film school. For 4 years he further studied the art of film making until he earned his bachelors in May 2017.

After graduation, Maximillian Bovin decided to utilize his skills for weddings and other special events. He has since then established a working relationship with Frank Da'gastino, owner of Transform Fitness and Style Society Barber Shop located in Westchester County. 

Maximillian's other business associates include Nick Michaels, owner of EP Event Group, providing high-quality videos showcasing his DJ company, as well as his talented children who provide their musical talents. 


The process begins by gaining a complete view of your needs. We survey your current position in your respective industry and align our creative strategy with your brand. 

What We Do


It’s time to put it all together in front of the cameras. This is where our in-house crew of photographers, videographers, sound engineers, and lighting techs do what they do best—create visual content that sells more products. 


During this stage, we handle color-correction, record any video voice-overs, add music, create graphics and in general make sure your photo or video looks exactly like we planned in pre-production.

Meet Max

Founder & Videographer

Max always had a passion for storytelling and found the right medium through film. He founded Bovins Video Production to help hone his creative skills and help clients capture special moments through the power of his lens. His expertise is in event videography, social media presence, and video marketing. 



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